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The advanced Wellman Plus Omega 3-6-9 formula contains all the comprehensive nutritional benefits of Wellman Original, plus the added benefits of Omega-3, 6 & 9. These EFA's (Essential Fatty Acids) are sourced from Blackcurrant and Pumpkin seed oils, Omega-3 Fish Oil and Olive Oil. This premium Wellman formula, from the UK's number 1 men's supplement brand, is designed for men who lead hectic lives, with work, sports and social commitments yet still need to maintain general health and vitality and comes in a handy dual pack.

Ingredient Per serving
Vitamin A 0.75mg
Vitamin D3 0.005mg
Vitamin E 9.8mg
Vitamin C 60mg
Vitamin B1 12mg
Vitamin B2 5mg
Vitamin B3 20mg
Vitamin B6 9mg
Folic Acid 0.4mg
Vitamin B12 0.009mg
Biotin 0.05mg
Vitamin B5 10mg
Magnesium 60mg
Iron 15mg
Zinc 15mg
Copper 1mg
Manganese 3mg
Selenium 0.15mg
Chromium 0.05mg
Iodine 0.15mg
Silcon 10mg
Arginine 20mg
Methionine 20mg
Natural mixed Carotenoids 2mg
P.A.B.A. 20mg
Siberian Ginseng 20mg
Bioflavenoids 10mg
Co-enzyme Q10 2mg
L-Carnitine 30mg
Omega-3 Fish Oil 400mg
Providing Omega-3 fatty acids 185mg
Blackcurrant Seed Oil 100mg
Providing Omega-6 fatty acids 40mg
Pumpkin Seed Oil 100mg
Olive Oil (EP Grade) 60mg
Providing Omega-9 fatty acids 28mg