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Why choose Ultra Red Krill Oil? Ultra Red Krill Oil is a premium quality source of Omega-3 in phospholipid form for superior absorption without the reflux or fishy aftertaste. Ultra Red Krill Oil is pure and unlike some Krill Oils is not blended with fish oil. 100% pure Krill Oil: Advanced Omega-3 Ultra Red Krill Oil is a special source of Omega-3 with a high concentration of marine phospholipids, which is better utilised in the body than standard Omega-3 found in fish oil. Ultra Red Krill Oil capsules provide high quality DHA & EPA fatty acids: DHA & EPA contribute to the normal function of the Heart. DHA contributes to the maintenance of normal Vision & Brain function. Krill Oil naturally provides Astaxanthin which helps preserve the oil. Eco-Harvesting technology: Sourced in the Antarctic using Aker BioMarine proprietary Eco-Harvesting technology to help: Restrict environmental impact, Minimise loss of key nutrients, Ensure the highest standards of quality.

Ingredient Per serving
Krill Oil 1,000mg
Marine Phospholipids 400mg
Omega-3 220mg
EPA 120mg
DHA 55mg
Astaxanthin 0.08mg
Omega-9 80mg