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Perfect7 is a blend of Natural Source Marine Oil with Omega-3 plus essential multivitamins and minerals. The special formula provides effective absorption of nutrients in your body’s cells.

Ingredient Per serving
Vitamin D 0.005mg
Vitamin E 40mg
Vitamin C 60mg
Vitamin B1 8mg
Vitamin B2 4mg
Vitamin B3 18mg
Vitamin B6 10mg
Folic Acid 0.4mg
Vitamin B12 0.009mg
Biotin 0.045mg
Vitamin B5 40mg
Magnesium 75mg
Iron 12mg
Zinc 15mg
Copper 1mg
Manganese 0.5mg
Selenium 0.1mg
Chromium 0.05mg
Iodine 0.2mg
Beta Carotene 2mg
Cysteine 10mg
Grape Seed 16mg
Fish Oil 1,000mg
EPA 150mg
DHA 100mg